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  1. MMA does nmot interfere with skipping rope training

    That's why I think I prefer training people in an MMA environment to just teaching them the basic techniques of the sport.

    I'm not going to pretend that people can't learn things when they're in an environment where they can, but I believe that when it comes to training people, a little bit of something for nothing is worth more than a whole bunch of nothing for a whole lot. My goal is to train people to the point that they can compete in MMA.

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    If I can't achieve that goal, I want that goal to be within reach. My goals are always based on the mindset that nobody has a perfect body, so it's imperative that we learn to …

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  2. Fitness is done by a series of small skips trained together

    We are told to make the jump into fitness and change our lifestyle, and then do the next, and the next, until the end.

    But the most important part is not the fitness, but the lifestyle. For too many people, the most important part is a new wardrobe, new furniture, new relationships, new home, new car, new computer, new television, new phone. When it seems like everyone is doing the same things, or trying to fit the same into your life, then it is time to make some changes.

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    If you are tired of feeling tired, then changing your lifestyle is the answer. I want you to make some changes in your life, so that you can begin to feel …

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  3. How to walk properly

    When walking, your head stays naturally high in order to look up with purpose as you maintain a straight line with your body.

    From your elbows to your hips, your body should be in a straight line Maintain. Do not slouch — keep your shoulders back, chest open, and head up. Don’t look down at your feet — keep your gaze up as you walk. When walking, your head stays naturally high in order to look up with purpose as you maintain a straight line with your body. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you inhale through your nose, make a slight popping sound; as you exhale, make a snotting sound.

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    Do not force exhale and …

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  4. When coping with chronic pain with exercise

    If you're thinking of taking a yoga class, making it out of your comfort zone should be one of the most important decisions you make.

    That doesn't mean you have to start a new class in order to have fun and feel like more of a member. Instead, try to ease into your regular yoga routine at your current studio and continue to build it gradually, taking it one class at a time. Remember, the goal is to stay healthy and happy. This article will give you some tools and suggest options that will help.

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    There are many different styles of yoga that are offered in a variety of locations. Yoga is a discipline that doesn't require a large amount …

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  5. Tough times don’t last, tough training does

    The year is 2014. You’re working out with your friend. The two of you have been training together. It’s been a good workout.

    You’re sweaty, exhausted, happy. You’ve made it through. But you didn’t sleep well that night. You wake up at 5 AM with a headache, a bad mood, and a splitting headache. You head over to the bathroom and take a few ibuprofen to try to get some sleep. “This really hurts!” you lie awake. You feel guilty about the fact that the ibuprofen is making you feel worse. “Can you not take it on my behalf?” you think. You go to work, but everything hurts. You feel a dull ache in your …

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