Stop and look around once in a while

Things can happen that change our lives (or even our universe) in a day.

We may not always appreciate the moment when it happens, but we also often tend to see our lives through the lens of hindsight – when we look at what went wrong. We may think we did something right, or something else, instead. The truth is, we are often more attuned to what went wrong, than what went right. We often focus on the wrong things, instead of the right things.

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And the truth is, there is some wisdom in the way we look at our life. It’s not as complicated as it may sound. It’s simply the difference between viewing our life through the lens of the past, or the lens of the present. That’s how best to change what is wrong, instead of focusing on the wrong things that need to be changed. There will be days when you see things through the lens of the past. You may have been upset, or angry, for example, because something was going wrong in your life. Someone had done something to you, or not done something that should be done. That’s when you are most attuned to what went wrong in your life. You will look at what went wrong in your life with a cold, unfeeling eye, and no recognition that things have changed. There will be days when you see things through the lens of the present. You will see the good things that have happened, and the right things that need to happen. You will see the new friends in your life, and the friends that have left. The new opportunities are staring you right in the face. You see with fresh eyes, and you see yourself in the fresh light. You can see the new friends just a little bit differently now, and you can see the old friends in a new light. So look at the past, and don’t ignore the new. Look at the new as well.

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You need to view the past and the new with the eyes of the present. It is the difference between getting fit and staying fluffy. It’s a difference between past and present, and there is always something new that we can learn from. Remember: When it comes to changing what is wrong in our life, we have to focus on new jump rope workouts, and forget the bad stuff.